Zoomin Studios team is exploring 4K production options for a potential 20x 10′ series for an all cannabis related OTT channel – 420tv, intended to launch later this year in the US. Currently we are developing a local series called ‘In Amsterdam’ but also using Zoomin’s worldwide VJ network for a potential international angle of cannabis culture from around the world.

flevopark-2-169x300Sunday the 11th of June Studios went to Cannabis Liberation Day Festival in Flevopark, Amsterdam to film the pilot episode of the series together with a charismatic host, Veronica van Hoogdalem. She interviewed various people about different cannabis related topics, tried out delicious foods, and danced away to some great music.

It was a long and intense day however we are all very happy with what we managed to achieve during the shoot, and are looking forward to finalizing the first episode of the In Amsterdam cannabis series!