The past few weeks since our MIPTV presentation has been all about follow-ups with a variety of broadcasters and co-producers, many of these LA-based, showing interest in our reels.

vulcano-hunter-at-mipVolcano Hunter Chris Horsley obviously stole the show. For whom we already produced a few short form videos for FB and YT – one almost hitting 50K views.

All for Adrenaline is still being developed and in a Marvel comic-inspired cross-over, we expect to see James Kingston join Chris Horsley on a trip into a crater in Vanuatu – climbing down rather than up for once.

Other shows are also developing fast with the TV version of Continuum.

Big Small Ideas – the ‘Shark Tank meets Kickstarter’ formatted magazine show about innovators that uses the Zoomin.TV VJ network and Detour Travel has also caught the eye when Studios presented to them just before MIP.

richard-and-joel-present-dont-dress-to-killIn the meantime, talent agreements are getting signed and new ones developed – many will have seen our young explorer Jack Randall chasing Anacondas around the Amazon, and getting a few serious bites in the process – we hope to have him over in Amsterdam next week to voice some content and a show reel for Made in the Wild.

In May Joel and Richard head to London for a major Broadcast Media Summit and then Richard heads off to Sheffield (Shefdoc) in June on the hunt for new talent, so stand by for more updates.