At Summer in the City, the UK’s largest annual three-day online video event, Zoomin.TV hosted a panel exploring the perks and quirks of upscaling YouTube stars to television.

A large audience of YouTube creators watched the 50-minute panel, which explored in-depth the challenges that YouTube stars face when trying to break into the world of television.

The panel was hosted by Joel Philp from Zoomin Studios, and featured YouTubers Josh Pieter and Jayden Rodrigues, star of Zoomin.TV’s online boy band Continuum. Plus industry insiders Charlie Palmer, commissioning editor of Channel 4, and Amy Bryant-Jeffries, talent manager from Gleam Futures.

Issues covered included:

summer_in_the_city-4-hor-jayden-300x169What the word television now means
The panel agreed with Zoomin Studios’ philosophy that television is a format, not a device.

Whether YouTube content is suitable for television
Charlie Palmer from Channel 4 said much of what he finds on YouTube should stay there, and that only specific stars and content could be upscaled to television.

How YouTubers can maintain creative control when working with larger teams
YouTuber Josh Pieters said he was happy to give up control to talented directors, cameraman and editors.

How YouTubers can cope with setbacks
Continuum star Jayden Rodrigues discussed the challenges he had faced, saying that always staying true to yourself is the answer to long-term success on YouTube.

The conclusion of the discussion was that for television broadcasters, production companies and YouTubers themselves, working together has huge benefits for everyone involved.