Last week Zoomin Studios final remaining freelancer Catarina Oliveira, after two months of working on various projects for Zoomin Studios, left her editing studio and ventured on to other editing adventures back in Bristol and beyond. She will be dearly missed!

However there was no time to mourn because the next day Zoomin’s own talent and ‘Snake-Whisperer’ Jack Randall (2nd from the right) came for a brief visit after spending two months in the Amazon jungle looking for the new species of Anaconda.

So, not only did we have our own ‘Volcano Hunter’ Chris Horsley (3rd from the right) spending time in the office helping develop his series, but Jack as well! Those two young adventurers hit it off instantly and were both very eager to share their own respective experiences from their latest adrenaline-filled expeditions.

Alongside developing long-format series for them both, Zoomin Studios is currently working together with Jack and Chris and the VJ network to produce short videos for us as well as their own social media channels.

Follow and like Jack and Chris‘ channels to keep track of their journeys as they prepare for their next adventures!