About Us

Social influencers go across platforms – so do their fans. And so do we.”

Zoomin Studios’ mission is to take talent from Zoomin.TV’s huge media network and escalate it to a new level. Our talent has vast audience recognition online across the 20,000-plus YouTube channels we manage – our top 5 network talents have clocked up 1.5 billion views between them. As we develop television formats around our talent, we will bring new audiences to TV platforms.

But we don’t stop there. Zoomin.TV’s 3,500-strong global network of Video Journalists (VJs) produces hundreds of international stories on a weekly basis, and Zoomin Studios will be tapping into an even wider range of content to develop innovative and exciting TV programming for a new global audience.

“With all screens converging into one, the word ‘television’ is more an indication of high-quality content than anything else.  But TV still means big budgets, high production values, collaborative teamwork and creative storytelling – and that’s something that really attracts both YouTube stars and fans alike.” Richard Chambers: Head of Zoomin Studios.


Generation Zoomin

Our core DNA is based on the youngest generation of video audiences: Generation Z. And we plan to bring their ambitions and interests to high quality big-screen content. Their enthusiasm and exuberance will, in turn, attract audience members from other generations. We believe we are the only company able to take talents who have risen to fame across the Internet and, with the help of key co-pro partners will be creating genuine and marketable television formats around them.


About Zoomin.TV

Zoomin.TV, as a global news video agency, has been distributing localised content to clients around the world for over 15 years. More recently, it has branched into the world of online influencers and amazing local talents to focus exclusively on producing all of our own content. We now build the Zoomin DNA in everything we produce – honing in specifically on issues our younger audiences care about. For Zoomin.TV, the GenZs are truly revolutionary; a disrupting generation significantly different from Millennials. We are Generation Zoomin.

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